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Professional SEO Consultants

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Website optimization and search engine marketing is crucial to everyone doing business on the internet and your website can be turned into a profit making one with the services of professional SEO consultants. About 85% of qualified internet traffic is driven through search engines, and very few search engine users ever look for pages other than the first two in the search results. A query on a crawler based search engine usually brings up results based on the thousands and millions of matching web pages. The most relevant matches are usually given on the first page of the search results. Professional SEO consultants ensure a high return of investment by achieving maximum visibility for your website on major search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. They analyze the web traffic and choose the most appropriate options to increase your sales.

SEO strategies are based on professional and ethical search engine optimization techniques to gain top search engine ranking for the particular business. One of the most important aspects in website optimization is the selection of appropriate keywords and writing keyword rich content. Professional SEO consultants can advise you on using the proper keywords, offer strategies for optimizing title, Meta keywords, and alt tags. Most of the professional SEO consultants provide their services at affordable prices with proven methods and techniques to significantly improve search engine standings. The major services that SEO consultants offer are, increasing your website traffic, placing the site high in search engines, and expanding the reach to the audience, and all of these services help you achieve measurable results.

Professional SEO consultants thus help a business website obtain high search engine placement. Natural SEO services offered by these professionals include research and development of keywords focusing on attracting the target customer; web content optimization; writing Meta tags; submission of your website to all major search engines, development and implementation of high quality linking strategies, and generation of ranking reports. Since popular search engines frequently update their algorithms, professional SEO consultants will always look for better techniques that ensure your website guaranteed results. With the help of efficient web optimizers you can use internet marketing strategies and designs to increase your web traffic and thereby increase your online visibility and business.

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Why Every Nurse Should Consider Legal Nurse Consulting

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The day will come in the career of almost every bedside or clinical nurse that is devastating. If you work as a hands-on nurse, it will most likely happen to you too. It’s the day when you come to the realization that you can no longer work as a hands-on nurse. This possible conclusion to your nursing career can happen suddenly or over a period of time, and because of many reasons. It can be the result of an injury, burn-out, cut-backs, old age, or physical inability to handle the demanding job. When this happens, how will you continue to find income? Finding another job can be an arduous process. If you have a family to support, this is a serious problem. The smart thing to do is to start preparing for this eminent situation. The question is: what can you do to prepare?

First, you must face the realization that your nursing career will eventually reach this point. You must make the decision that something has to be done to prepare for it. Once you make this choice, the rest is not too hard. The key for preparing for this crossroads is to have a back-up career option. When choosing the back-up option, there are a few criteria you should consider. This option should pay equivalent to or better than your current job, it can be one that you are qualified for or one that requires some additional training, and it should offer the flexibility for you to ease into it at your own pace. The option is even more ideal if you can use it on the side while still working your regular job, allowing you to earn some extra income when needed. Unfortunately, many nurses don’t realize this kind of option even exists.

When facing this life-changing decision, the common reaction from a nurse is to begin looking for another job that will meet their new requirements. Even though the job application process can be very slow, it sometimes works as a good option. When the available jobs are in the same facility, the hiring process can be much quicker. Many nurses tend to pursue administration jobs when they are no longer able or willing to endure the physical demands of hands-on nursing. However, administrator jobs often have stiff competition for a limited number of positions. There are many other jobs where your nursing expertise will be relevant, such as case management, insurance, pharmaceutical sales, recruiting, or teaching. But what if your best option is not a typical job at all? If you approaching this point in your career, maybe it’s time for you to think outside of the box.

Luckily, there is a career option that meets every one of the conditions explained above. It allows you to utilize your existing medical expertise, it offers great flexibility, it presents exciting new challenges, it gives you the choice of finding a job or working independently, and it can pay much better than a typical regular nursing job. On top of all these benefits, it offers you an opportunity to continue the main reason you probably got into nursing in the first place; it allows you to continue your patient advocacy. The nursing career option we are referring to is Legal Nurse Consulting. It’s important to remember that you’re going to need an option like Legal Nurse Consulting one day, so you should become familiar. If you have already heard of this option, you most likely don’t understand its real benefits and what is involved. As a Legal Nurse Consultant, you can learn how to utilize your medical expertise in the legal field or the legal side of medical care. Any case involving medical records needs your expertise to interpret and analyze the medical information. If you would rather avoid working with attorneys and insurance companies, hospitals and managed care facilities often hire Legal Nurse Consultants to help in areas such as risk management, insurance issues, and case management.

You have an important choice to make. Whether you decide now, or after you are forced, this kind of career altering decision is difficult to confront. You can be like the many other nurses who just hope that nothing happens, or you can start preparing for the future.

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10 Quick Tips Concerning Cosmetic Consultations

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When you go in for a cosmetic surgery consultation session, there are so many things that will be running through your mind. This is particularly the case if it is your first operation. The nervousness and anxiety might make you forget to ask some very important questions. This is not only the case with surgical procedures but also any kind of cosmetic activity. Do you want to buy some new moisturizer but you are not sure whether it will work for your skin? Here are some 10 quick tips about cosmetic consultations.

1. Choose a trusted consultant

A quick online search will reveal thousands of cosmetic consultants in your area of residence. However, you do not want to work with just anybody. Make sure that you choose the best that is near you. This way you will have the assurance of good advice.

2. Research on the procedure

Even before you go in for the consultation, you should do a bit of research on the procedure or the condition it is that will be the topic of the session. This way you will be able to draw enough questions that you can ask the consultant.

3. Premeditated questions

It is not wise to go in for the consultation with just the idea that questions will come in as you have your discussion with your consultant. It is never wrong to write down your own questions that you will want to ask. There is no need of memorizing everything that you will ask- write those questions down and get to the meeting.

4. Ask about licensing and certification

So this cosmetic surgery practitioner that you have found, is he/she board certified to practice? Is the license valid in order to carry out the procedure? It is not rude to ask about the qualifications and the experience of the practitioner at all.

5. Ask for before and after photos

The cosmetic surgeon should be able to deliver some before and after photos of the patients that he/she has worked on before. This will help you decide whether you want the same surgeon to carry out the procedure on you.

6. What does the procedure entail?

It is important to know exactly what the procedure entails right from the start this way you will not be disappointed in the end. You will not have to go through the whole process of filing lawsuits because they procedure did not meet your expectations. If you are buying a cosmetic product then you should find out in detail what it will do for your skin or your body in general.

7. Learn about the side effects

There is always a side effect when medicine is the topic under question. This is particularly so when dealing with cosmetic products. Before you make that purchase, find out what effect they can have on you.

8. Disclose any medical issues you think might have an impact on the procedure

It is vital to disclose any vital medical information that you think might be of relevance to the cosmetic procedure in question. Before a product is prescribed to you, make sure that its use will not be impacted by any medical problem you have.

9. Find out if medical insurance covers the procedure

There are some conditions under which medical insurance covers cosmetic procedures. Ask about insurance covers and how they relate to the procedure.

10. How much does the procedure cost

The cost of the procedure is one of the factors that will determine whether you will have it done or not. Find out is the procedure worth the price that you will pay?

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Recruitment Consultancy – Ultimate Approach to Start a Career

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The Recruitment Consultancy works with a motive of providing jobs to the jobless and assisting them in going ahead in life. Though you will come across many consultancies which are opened for the same work but not all are reliable. Some of the consultancies will ask you huge amount of money for the services and at the end will not give you any option. So keep away from such frauds companies who just trap the students for their means. Go for the option that charges less amount and the services offered is also excellent. It is better that you collect sufficient information about the consultancy before joining or become a member.

The Recruitment Consultancy will provide options in the technical as well as non technical field. As there are openings in different sector so you have to tell them in which field you wish to enter. According to your choice only you will get a call from the company. Then you need to attend the interview and if you qualify then you will be selected for the job. Hence the process is very simple but the first step is the most crucial step. People who want to change their job or switch over to other company can also join and seek better solution. The Recruitment Consultancy tries that all the jobseekers are able to find a suitable job through their company so they try very hard for it.

For joining any Recruitment Consultancy you need to register yourself. Some of them have no charges while there are few who will charge you with a fee. Once you get a job then you need to give some part of the salary as their share in the very first month of your salary. All these things will be in the form of a proper document which lays the terms and the conditions. So you must read it carefully and then sign it. The formalities are very important so ensure yourself and then take any action against it.

The Recruitment Consultancy will help you in different sectors like the finance, accounting, management jobs, engineering, pharmacy, media, operations, entertainment, nursing, construction etc. Hence according to your ability and qualifications you can go in any sector in which you are interested. Try a few options over the internet too if you want to get complete information. If you are a fresher or an experienced professional then join the best consultancy and achieve great heights and brighter prospects.

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Should You Hire a Business Plan Writer Or a Business Plan Consultant?

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While knee-deep in the process of launching and growing a business, many entrepreneurs decide to seek outside help to develop their business plan. The decision to bring in an expert should be made after considering many factors, including one’s budget, skill sets and needs, the audience of their plan, and the level of strategic input they require.

Business Plan Writers vs. Business Plan Consultants

When searching for outside assistance, one key distinction an entrepreneur should consider is the difference between “business plan writers” and “business plan consultants.” The difference is depth, or the degree to which the engagement will be an advisory relationship, versus mainly a documentation job.

“I Needed My Business Plan Yesterday!”

Many entrepreneurs are in a significant rush to get their business plans written, and therefore, they are looking for a “quick fix.” And as a result of this need for speed, there are myriad options to get the job done ASAP, ranging from templates and software to very inexpensive documentation services with rapid turnaround times.

While all of these options are fast and cheap, entrepreneurs should be aware there are significant risks associated with rushing the business plan development process. And that’s a key point: The value of a business plan is in the process – not just in the document itself.

Make no mistake: You will need the document in order to get a bank loan or to capture the attention of a partner at a venture capital firm. But unless you have gone through a rigorous strategic planning process, you significantly decrease your chances of success.

A sound business planning process involves analyzing your business opportunity thoroughly, understanding your market and your venture’s competitive advantage, developing a strategic marketing plan, and building a sound financial model. If you have the time (and discipline) to follow this process, you dramatically increase your chances of both raising capital and of achieving your operational milestones.

“I Need This Done Right”

A consultant’s job is to guide you through the process, and to ultimately develop a document that will impress potential investors, create realistic and obtainable milestones, and position you for success. Two key benefits of hiring a consultant are experience and objectivity.

Based on previous client engagements, an established consultant (or consulting firm) can leverage relevant experience to provide helpful advice regarding the entrepreneur’s opportunity. Aside from just writing the plan, a consultant provides insight that an entrepreneur would not likely otherwise receive, without conducting tons of competitive and industry research.

Also, a consultant is there to provide third party validation of your opportunity. The consultant should rigorously question the feasibility of your business opportunity and the likelihood that you will succeed in raising capital, attracting customers, and achieving business success. To be sure, this is a rigorous process — but it’s certainly better to investigate the validity of an opportunity at the onset, rather than investing time and money into a poorly planned venture. After all, isn’t that the point of a business plan?

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SEO Professional – What You Should Ask Before Hiring A Consultant

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Before you start working with an SEO consultant, you must either meet him or talk to him on the phone. Find out the answers to the following questions.

  • What is the consultants SEO process? What can you expect to see happen in the first month? The process should make sense to you. If he can’t explain it, don’t hire him.
  • What is the first thing he would do on your site? The SEO professional should look at your Web site before speaking with you. Or, he should ask whether he could look later. Either way, don’t demand a lot of information – this is what you pay them for, and they shouldn’t have to give information away for free. Instead, look for a sensible recommendation that demonstrates that they gave your site some thought.
  • How are results reported? If he mentions ranking reports, don’t hire him. Traffic matters more than rankings. Any good SEO consultant will know that.
  • How long has he been an SEO professional? There’s no specific correct answer here but a response like, “I’ve just started”, should give you pause.
  • If you’re unhappy with the service, can you end your contract before the scheduled end date? Many unethical agencies bind you to a contract and charge your credit card month after month.
  • How often will he speak with you? Your SEO consultant needs to periodically review your results and strategy with you.
  • Does any service cost extra? Many SEO firms charge extra for copy writing and other work. That’s fine; just make sure you know before you start.

The main thing you are trying to get is an impression of the person or company you’ll be working with. SEO is marketing, and it requires a lot of communication between you and your consultant.

Knowing What To Expect

More SEO campaigns have fallen to incorrect expectations than any other form of marketing. Here’s what you should know before you start:

  • SEO takes a long time. I typically require a one-year contract with any SEO client. Two years is better. If you try to sign an SEO professional to a shorter contract, you’ll likely either rush him (so he won’t do solid long-term planning), or you’ll chase off the best consultants.
  • Don’t expect fast results.
  • Do expect regular reports
  • Expect that your SEO consultant wants a certain amount of work from you. He is going to give you lots of recommendations and requests for changes to your site. He’ll ask for content and he will want information about your competitors.

Costs can vary widely from one SEO firm to the next. Some can charge as little as $100 a month. Others can charge up to $10,000 or more per month. The difference is the level of service. For $100 a month, don’t expect much. The SEO firm probably won’t do much work except for a few automated directory submissions, and might not get you results. At the top end of the scale, an SEO consultant writes SEO optimized articles for your website, researches keywords, analyzes your website for potential problems, and does whatever it takes to move you up in the search rankings. Most SEO consultant’s charges are based on a monthly fee. They might also offer one-time reviews where they check your website, write a report recommending changes, and then leave you hanging. If you don’t have your own team you are probably better off going with the monthly agreement.

Good SEO consultants often negotiate their fees depending on the difficulty of the campaign and the amount of work that will be involved also how long you plan to work with them. If you have a website that’s already fairly well optimized but just needs a little help and you are hiring them for only a year; you should expect your monthly fees to be lower. If you have a site that’s a complete disaster, as far as SEO and you’re in a very competitive industry, and you want everything done in three or four months; you can expect to pay more each month.

Remember when it comes to costs, the real question should be, what makes sense to you and your budget? You usually get what you pay for and that rule is no different here. Sometimes what looks like a bargain is really just a waste of money? When it comes to your website and your business, you can’t afford to waste your money on sub par SEO advice.

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Work at home business opportunity – Finding a reputable home business opportunity without getting ripped off.

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It never ceases to amaze me the sheer numbers of listings online for “work at home”, “home … … … “make money”, “home based … “making money”, “make money online”,

It never ceases to amaze me the sheer numbers of listings
online for “work at home”,Guest Posting “home business”, “business
opportunity”, “make money”, “home based business”, “making
money”, “make money online”, “home-based business”, “home
business”, and all the other terms you can come up with for
researching work at home business opportunities. The
competition is staggering, and it seems almost everyone
wants to give you information on his or her own business
opportunity. What’s worse is many of these would be “good
Samaritans” offer you information and links based on the
marketing materials provided by their chosen company to
promote rather than their own real life experiences
promoting those companies. Which would you rather have from
these promoters, their companies marketing professional’s
copy write touting the benefits of pushing the company
products/services or the real life experiences the promoters
have experienced and the success they have enjoyed through
promoting the home based business? Worse yet, what happens
when you run into someone new to the home-based business
they are promoting who has nothing they can offer when it
comes to their success in promoting the home business and
how well they have done with their online endeavors of
making money online?

In researching the “work at home” keywords mentioned above,
there are 73,636 daily real world searches according to Web
CEO for those keywords alone. These statistics show that you
can make money in work at home opportunities and it is a
driving force for would be entrepreneurs to flock to the
internet as a means to make money online. An even more
staggering statistic is that according to Web CEO there are
36,145,000 competing web pages for these terms. That’s quite
a bit of information to sort out if you are researching work
at home opportunities to make money on the internet. With so
much competition out there and so many web sites wanting you
to visit them for your work at home needs, how can you know
what home business opportunity works and which home based
business idea is a flop that will leech your hard earned
cash from you? With all that competition, the nature of the
web as a home for the unscrupulous to take advantage of our
naivety, and the lack of credible information available
through such web sites, it all adds up to a dangerous
combination for the would be work at home enthusiast.

Almost everyone has visions of the “Great American Dream”.
And there probably isn’t a one of you reading this article
that hasn’t been fed up and sick with their present job.
Faced with the hype of these work at home hucksters combined
with the get rich quick dream and more and more people
hating their jobs, more and more people are being lured to
these sites as a means to solve their making money from home
needs. People will sign up for every home business program
they can, copy and paste some text into their hastily built
websites, add a signature line to their emails and forum
posts, add lines of text to their business cards, and then
sit back and wonder why they aren’t too successful with
their newly found business opportunity. All too often these
home business opportunity seekers get scammed into self
perpetuating programs or other get rich quick schemes. Most
of these schemes only pay off for those at the top of the
chain who found the program in it’s infancy before everyone
and their brother was promoting it, or are the ones that
founded the scheme and a way to entice people to promote it.

The reality is this. There are only a couple sure-fire ways
to start a home based business to make money at home through
online endeavors. The first is to create your own product or
services and find ways to sell them online. This type of
work at home business opportunity is always a sure bet but,
like everything else, takes time, effort, and money. You
will make money at home quicker in a work at home business
based on this business opportunity model because you are the
one receiving the profits; not some other company you are
promoting which decides what it is going to give you in
commissions. You call all the shots, you own the products or
services sold and you determine what they should cost your
customers. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the
credibility of the home based business opportunity.

The next best way to realize your dreams to make money from
home in a work at home business opportunity is to sell other
people’s products or services. This is the tricky part where
affiliate programs come to mind. This particular home
business can help you make money on the internet if you are
careful in the way you go about it. The first thing is to
check the company’s credibility. Is it a realistic home
business opportunity where you can make money, or is the
company’s information so full of hype and promises that it’s
just to good to be true? Keep in mind that a realistic home
business opportunity takes time, effort, and money. But
there are also limitations to spending that money too,
especially when a work at home business opportunity promoter
wants you to pay money in exchange for making money online.

Don’t get me wrong; the old adage “It takes money to make
money” is true. But the money spent should be money spent in
producing your products or services, or spent in marketing
you products or services for sale, NOT to show someone you
are “serious” about their work at home business. Be very
careful of these types of home based business opportunities
where they want you to pay for the “privilege” of promoting
their products or services. From my experience, most of
these work at home or work at home opportunities are scams,
or self perpetuating programs. Remember that the only ones
that prosper from these types of home business opportunity
are either those that start them, or those that find them
before everyone else is promoting them and before people
begin to learn the truth behind this type of scam.

Think of it this way. It’s like going to a job interview at
a local corporation for a job you feel you are qualified
for. Common sense says that you are already interested in
this job. You have done the research, dressed the part, and
you have spent your valuable time to get there; not to
mention the amount of time you will be spending in the
interview. The interviewer is professionally dressed in a
business suite and shakes your hand firmly when you arrive.
Before sitting down to interview you, he suddenly states
“Before we can start this interview process, I need to
collect $10.00 from you just to make sure you are serious
about this position. We’ve had allot of ‘tire kickers’
coming through here lately and this is the only way we can
make sure that you will benefit from our job position and
ensure that you are really ready to accept this position”.
Would you hand over the $10.00 to “prove your sincerity” or
would you be insulted? Personally speaking, I would be
insulted, but you are welcome to your own feelings on this

The point is when you decide to promote another person’s
products or services as the choice of your work at home
business, you become an employee of sorts. Although you set
your own hours and choose your own means of promoting their
products, which makes you an independent contractor or an
affiliate by definition, it’s still the same concept as the
$10.00 interview. If a company has to ask you to pay money
for their business opportunity so you can make money from
home, then how good is the business opportunity to begin
with? Legitimate and successful businesses offering a home
based business opportunity have already figured expenses
into their marketing budget and know that budget is tax
deductible. They realize it’s a cost of doing business, and
absorb that cost instead of passing it on to their work at
home affiliates. The business opportunities asking you for
such fees more than likely make their living by charging
those fees and NOT selling the products, or services, they
want you to promote. If they aren’t making their money from
their own products or services then how do you expect to
make money on the internet by promoting their products or

There are many business opportunities that will offer you
additional things for their fees; like your very own hosted
website. Although you are getting a website, you are getting
a cookie cutter website that you can not control, and you
are stuck with their design and layout. If their products or
services don’t make you money, you have no means to insert
additional work at home business opportunities into that
site as a means to help make money online. But there’s
another thing they don’t want you to know about this
process, and that is that the website will not be indexed by
the search engines, or if it is, it will show up in hundreds
of pages listed for the same business. Worse yet, it is
likely that NONE of your pages will even be shown close
enough to the top to get you any real benefits from your
spending; if you see any benefits at all. The other problem
is that your page will look just like everyone else’s page
who are promoting the same product or service. What benefit
does that give you for the cash investment? You’ll do much
better hosting your own web site where you can post as many
work at home business opportunities as you want. By building
an interesting, content rich web site, you will bring
visitors to your cyber doors while being found and ranked
decently by the search engines.

There is only ONE work at home business opportunity I have
even found online that I have made money from, and they
provide the same kind of cookie cutter web sites for free.
They aren’t a get rich quick scheme, and promoting their
products and services takes time, effort, and money, but
they do not charge a fee for the “privilege” to promote
their products. This same work at home business opportunity
is one that I have actually made money through at home. Have
I retired yet? Am I a millionaire? Do I drive a big fancy
sports car or own my own mansion? None of the above. A slow,
steady process takes time, effort, and money to pursue. Have
I aggressively promoted it? No. I have sat back, placed a
couple links in my site, and left the sponsor above me place
some people in my downline. Yes, it is MLM.

The money I invested in this home business or work at home
business opportunity? I’ve invested roughly $30.00 per month
in things that my business needed already. It qualified me
for the next income level for the business opportunity, and
it gave me valuable tools to tweak my web site and learn to
market that web site and home business opportunity more
affectively. This investment was money that I was going to
spend on the same tools, but I chose to buy those tools from
a company I promote that was going to give me something in
return for my investment; and that was affiliate checks
based on sales volume. Did I mention that the cash spent was
normally covered by the affiliate checks I received? That’s
like getting FREE tools to promote my home business. Did I
also mention that my downline is growing in this home based
business? Will I tell you how much money I made? No. I won’t
do that because then if you don’t make the same kind of
money I do, or more, then you will say that I lied to you
and that my information is just from another person pushing
work at home business opportunities to make money. You will
probably even think that I haven’t even really made any
money using any of the programs I promote.

The point is you can make money on the internet through a
work at home business opportunity IF you know which home
based business to promote, how to promote it, and what to
watch out for in choosing how you begin making money from
home. You also need to be realistic. There is no one work at
home business that is going to make EVERYONE rich. If that
was the case, then why are there so few people out there
that are rich? It simply doesn’t exist. Everyone is
different. I will make money in ways that you will probably
not. Then again, you will make money in ways that I will
probably not. The point of this article is using care in the
work at home business or make money at home business
opportunity that you choose. Spending the time to make sure
it is a good fit for you, and is something that you believe
in. Failure to realize that a home based business
opportunity is like any other business, and requires time,
effort, and money, will almost assure that your dreams of
making money at home will be fruitless. You need to realize
that making money online also requires spending money, but
knowing where to spend that money to affectively market or
produce your products or services is the important part. Do
these things right and you will find a work at home business
opportunity you enjoy, believe in, and can promote to gain
you the money online.

For those of you wondering what that one company is that I
have honestly made money with, feel free to drop by my web
site and drop me an email. I’ll be more than glad to give
you a bunch of links to information that will give you the
pro’s and con’s, educate you on the home business
opportunity, and help you make an INFORMED decision. Till
next article, may your work at home business opportunity
come true, and may the information presented in this article
help you to make money online.

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The Desire For Money, Do You Have Business Sense?

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For those of us who grew up with parents who worked for … rather than owned them, the world of business can be quite a mystery. Even more so if we’ve dared to try to start one of our own. The

For those of us who grew up with parents who worked for businesses rather than owned them,Guest Posting the world of business can be quite a mystery. Even more so if we’ve dared to try to start one of our own. There is the factor of what type of business to start – a product or service business. There are the issues of doing a good market analysis, licensing the business, understanding the codes of law governing businesses, and determining just what type of business structure to choose – especially if the business will have employees. For example, should we start a sole proprietorship or a corporate business? It’s a lot to work on, and it’s not an overnight process to the road of success. But, the most crucial challenge to whether a business succeeds or fails lies deep within the realm of emotional versus financial intelligence.Many start-up businesses fail within the first year of existence. This is especially so with businesses started from home, or exist without the traditional bricks and mortar structure we are so accustomed to. And, far too often the reason many start-up businesses fail has to do with the emotional challenge the new business owner faces. The challenge of seeing him or her self now as a business owner, rather than a paid worker for someone else’s business. It means dressing differently, thinking differently, and talking differently. It means believing that you are already successfully established even if you have a long ways to go on the business’s balance sheet. To put simply, if the business owner doesn’t have a firm belief and commitment in the business and his or her role as the owner, then others simply won’t be convinced that this business is the place to get what they need. Then, there is the crucial issue of having the financial intelligence to keep the business going in the direction the new owner desires. To put it simply, if the new business is only taking money to operate and not making money, it won’t be long before the doors of opportunity become closed. No matter how much motivational self-talk and emotional pump-me-up the new business owner does, it is the results shown on the bottom line that determines the future of the new business. And, if the bottom line is steady generating a negative, the business will eventually lose. Far too many new business owner simply don’t understand this simple fact and it’s incredible impact upon the future of his or her business. And, far too many system based business endeavors, such as network marketing, fail to properly focus the majority of their teaching on this.To keep the vision, motivation, commitment and, ultimately, the business alive, a start-up business owner must simply know the ins and outs of basic business accounting. The more he or she comprehends the principles of good financial management, the greater the chance of achieving the desired goals for the business. It is, ultimately, the financial bottom line the determines whether a business owner maintains the belief and dreams associated to his or her business. The financial bottom line determines just how much commitment to marketing and advertising the principal staff of the business will willing give. It’s very encourage able to develop a love for numbers, especially when working with the basic additions, subtractions, multiplications, and divisions of the financial budget. Here’s a recommended source to spur this number love: schools of thought teach that marketing and advertising is the key to success in any business. To their credit, there is a certain truth to this, because the market is a numbers game. The greater the numbers of people that know about the owner’s business, it’s products or services, the greater the chances of getting the sale. Understanding the numbers allows us to measure where we are and where we want to go. But, regardless how successful the new business owner is with marketing and advertising his or her business, no amount of business exposure alone can guarantee the success of the business. There are big businesses that are testimonies to this fact with their sudden bankruptcies at the time they seem to be at their greatest.Ultimately, the deciding factor on whether a business succeeds or fails lies in the level of knowledge and expertise that the principle players of a business have with the business balance sheet. This level of knowledge also determines just how much belief the business owner has in his or her business, and how willing he or she is to make the necessary efforts and adjustments that steadily drive a business up to the road of success. And, once reaching this point where the customers and clients are knocking at the door and the money is rolling in, it is the degree of financial intelligence that will ultimately determine whether the business stays in business or not. And, no amount of motivational self-talk or marketing is likely to change this simple reality.What this means for those who are just starting a business or are struggling to keep a business idea alive, is that it is imperative to develop a deep appreciation – if not love – for numbers and how these numbers play out on the business balance sheet. If the business is progressing in a positive way financially, the rest of the aspects to running a business will fill itself in over time. Isn’t it a lot easier to learn the ends and outs of operating a successful business venture and maintaining the commitment and motivation to the business vision when the business is steadily in a financial growth? Something to seriously think about. Especially, if owning a business is an appealing idea, but is equally as much a mystery to the aspiring entrepreneur. The key to success ultimately is determined by the plusses and negatives found in the business’s balance sheet. And, a focus on this will dispel many of the mysteries and emotional challenges to owning a business.

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Innovation Management – Selecting Good Ideas

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A number of idea selection methods can be used. For a comprehensive evaluation, it is advisable to use all methods….

Creativity can be defined as problem identification and idea generation whilst innovation can be defined as idea selection,Guest Posting development and commercialisation.

There are distinct processes that enhance problem identification and idea generation and, similarly, distinct processes that enhance idea selection, development and commercialisation. Whilst there is no sure fire route to commercial success, these processes improve the probability that good ideas will be generated and selected and that investment in developing and commercialising those ideas will not be wasted.

A number of idea selection methods can be used. For a comprehensive evaluation, it is advisable to use all methods. Considering the costs of Research and Development and the added cost of re-engineering products when flaws are discovered, it pays to conduct in-depth valuation before large investments in that idea are given a GO status.

Some of the idea selection methods include:

a) Comparing the type of idea with those types of ideas that have previously been most successful.

b) Judging whether the idea fits well with the firm.

c) Analysing the likely practical impediments that may prevent successful commercialisation.

d) Knowing how and when the GO or KILL decisions will be made when an idea is in the idea funnel.

e) Knowing how the consumer will benefit.

Additionally, there are benefits to failure. Whilst an idea may be judged as being commercially unsuccessful, the firm, team or individual may learn valuable competencies that will increase the chances of the next product being successful. Ridley Scott had limited commercial success with Blade Runner, but went on to make some of the most lucrative movies ever.

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Innovation Management – 5 ideas an hour

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The Economist (2003b) states that 3000 bright ideas are needed for 100 worthwhile projects, which in turn will be winnowed down to four development programmes for new products. And four such development programmes are the minimum needed to stand any chance of getting one winner.

Creativity can be defined as problem identification and idea generation whilst innovation can be defined as idea selection,Guest Posting development and commercialisation.

There are other useful definitions in this field, for example, creativity can be defined as consisting of a number of ideas, a number of diverse ideas and a number of novel ideas.

There are distinct processes that enhance problem identification and idea generation and, similarly, distinct processes that enhance idea selection, development and commercialisation. Whilst there is no sure fire route to commercial success, these processes improve the probability that good ideas will be generated and selected and that investment in developing and commercialising those ideas will not be wasted.

5 ideas an hour

The Economist (2003b) states that 3000 bright ideas are needed for 100 worthwhile projects, which in turn will be winnowed down to four development programmes for new products. And four such development programmes are the minimum needed to stand any chance of getting one winner.

From the above it is clear that a large number of good ideas are required before the innovation process can truly begin. Given that the bright ideas themselves would have been chosen from a larger pool of general ideas, the problem becomes one of maximising idea generation before idea selection begins.

One method of generating such a huge pool is to take advantage of some of the well known idea generating methods and principles, including:

a) The sum of ideas produced by individuals working alone is greater than the number of ideas produced by a group consisting of those individuals.

b) Incremental productivity produces more output than a “do your best” approach. By tasking individuals to generate five ideas an hour, they will produce forty in an average working day. Multiply that by “n” number of individuals in the firm and you have n X 40 ideas per day. A hundred individuals are able to produce 4000 ideas a day.

c) As stated above, creativity is problem identification and idea generation. Idea generation without problem identification reduces total output, as individuals have only a vague notion of what problem they are attempting to solve. Focus as much on problem identification as idea generation.

d) The production of such vast numbers of ideas requires the need for idea management. Knowledge Managers will be required. Ideas are valueless unless they are successfully implemented and that will not happen unless an Idea Manager takes control.

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